1. “Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd (owner of TGI Fridays™ in Cyprus) and its associated companies” keep and manage a personal information bank for the support and promotion of the relationship with their guests and the provision of special rewards to them.

2. “Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd and its associated companies” are authorized to forward personal information that the users of Fridays Cyprus Rewards App agree to disclose to affiliated companies of the franchisee in countries within or outside EU, for the facilitation of operations and electronic data processing or for statistical or historical reasons.

3. The Fridays Cyprus Rewards App user consents to the above gathering and management of his/her personal data. The privacy policy of “Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd and its associated companies” guarantee the protection of all personal information from any unauthorized access or processing as your personal information is for the sole use of TGI Fridays™ marketing purposes.

4. The points are valid for rolling twelve months. In case that the Fridays Cyprus Rewards App is not used for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months then the account is automatically invalidated and the total collected points are lost.

5. For the collection and registration of the points Fridays guests are required to scan their own receipt within 48 hours.

6. Points can be registered only on one Rewards App account per bill.

7. Rewards App is strictly personal and cannot be transferred or be used by another person.

8. Delivery charges are excluded from the earnable points that a guest is rewarded when a receipt is scanned.

9. In the unlike event of the electronic breakdown due to reasons beyond the control (force majeure) of “Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd and / or its associated companies”, i.e. electricity blackout, or malfunction of the internet connection that makes impossible the electronic registration of points of that day on the Fridays Cyprus Rewards App, “Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd and its associated companies” are not liable for an event of force majeure and do not have any further obligations.

10. “Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd and / or its associated companies” reserve the right to change the process of Fridays Cyprus Rewards App and proceed with alternatives for reward terms or the termination of Fridays Cyprus Rewards App at any time and without any notice.

11. When the maximum higher level of points (30,000 points) is reached, then the points are set to zero and the process restarts.

12. When you collect the required points for each category your voucher will be automatically issued and stored under “My rewards / Coupons”. Your voucher may be redeemed on your next visit at any TGI Fridays™ restaurant in Cyprus and it is valid for 3 months. The App user should present the voucher before billing to get the equivalent discount. The voucher cannot be exchanged with money and should be fully redeemed in one visit at any TGI Fridays™ restaurant. In case the voucher is used for an amount smaller than its value, no change will be returned to the App user.

13. Fridays Cyprus Rewards App is valid only for TGI Fridays restaurants in Cyprus.

14. All information regarding the terms and conditions for using Fridays Cyprus Rewards App and the members exclusive privileges are available on the electronic address

15. The employees of “Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd and its associated companies”, their relatives up to second degree and their spouses and children are excluded for the Fridays Cyprus Rewards App.

16. Any member has the right to exit the Fridays Cyprus Rewards App plan at any time by calling 24816660. In this case, all points collected by the user that are not redeemed will be cancelled.