Why weren’t my points credited?

In order for points to show into your account, a minimum of four hours need to pass after you scan your receipt. If your points have yet to be reflected into your account, please contact us at rewards@fridays.com.cy.

The message says someone else scanned my receipt.

When you redeem a voucher, your points are automatically credited on your account. If you did not redeem a voucher and the message “This receipt has already been scanned by someone else.” pops up, please contact us at rewards@fridays.com.cy.

I forgot to scan my receipt.

If you didn’t scan your receipt within 24 hours, then your points will be lost.

How can I change the email address I have registered?

You cannot change your email address associated to your Rewards account by yourself. If you want to change your email please contact us at rewards@fridays.com.cy.

I’m trying to change my password, and I’m not receiving any email to proceed.

Make sure that the email you have entered is the one you registered in your account and if you still haven’t received an email, please contact us at rewards@fridays.com.cy.

How can I change my Birthday or Name day date?

You cannot change your birthday nor name day by yourself. Please contact us at rewards@fridays.com.cy with the new birthday/name day you want to replace with.

Can I extend my coupons?

No, you cannot extend your coupons after they have expired. In case you have any questions, please contact us at rewards@fridays.com.cy.

I cannot scan my receipt.

In case the QR code doesn’t work, or the QR code is missing on the receipt, add the coupon code manually. In case that doesn’t work either, please contact us at rewards@fridays.com.cy.

Do points expire?

No, points do not expire for active members. Active members are the users who make a purchase (in store or online) or redeem a reward at least once every 12 months to remain active.

When you reach 30,000 points, your points are set to zero (0) and the process restarts so you can earn more vouchers!

Do coupons/rewards expire?

Yes, coupons/rewards expire. You can check the expiry date of each coupon/reward by clicking on the My Rewards/Coupons option and by checking the term of the coupon/reward you want to redeem.

Ensure you have activated your email to receive emails and to avoid missing any rewards/coupons.

How do I earn points?

Find out more here.

Can I combine two different coupons/rewards at the same time?

No, only one coupon/reward can be redeemed per visit.

How can I see my current rewards?

You can check your current rewards by clicking on the My Rewards/Coupons option.

Remember that ALL rewards/coupons have an expiration date.

How can I see my points?

You can find your points on the bar that appears on the Home Page of the application. Your current points appear on the left side of the bar, and on the right side you can see the points you need to reach for the next voucher.